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Automotive post Covid: “We need Italy to restart the engines”

Automotive European companies: “We cannot restart again without Italy”

The automotive manufacturers disagree: without Italy we cannot restart again. This is what Volkswagen, BMW and Daimler‘s number one said during a conference call with Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Numerous controversies arose in the European community, in which some countries hypothesized the post-Covid restart without taking into account the Italian situation: the automotive world professionals strongly affirm that without the involvement of the made in Italy suppliers, a real restart of the sector is not achievable.

Investors choose the Emilia Motor Valley for the automotive restart

Now, with the opening of Phase 2, Italy is also evaluating the damage and preparing to restart.

Also due to the help of external investors, as in the case of the Chinese Faw, that just in recent days announced the decision to invest a billion in the Emilian Motor Valley together with Silk Ev. The goal is to enhance and innovate the design and production of high-end and sports electric and plug-in cars. In addition to this, the plan provides for new hires by June.

Automotive Restart - VRM SPA

Government should help Italian companies to support Country’s economy

Automotive restart - Florenzo Vanzetto - VRM SPA

From Ferrari to Ducati, industry leaders have already restarted production engines.

Among them, also the VRM SPA Group, attentive to all safety precautions, confident in the Italian State support too: “We have reopened and we are doing everything to support the recovery. We hope to make it and continue a fruitful collaboration with German and European big companies” commented VRM CEO Florenzo Vanzetto .

“We hope that the Government continues to intervene in support of Italian companies, our economy real engine”.

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