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Code of ethics, VRM leader in sustainability and professionalism

The VRM SPA has drawn up a code of ethics that aims at respect for the environment and the workforce

Sustainability in manufacturing, attention to the workforce, fairness with customers and partners: these are the VRM SPA Group Code of Ethics cornerstones which emphasize the need to put honesty and integrity first. VRM’s mission is in fact to create a work environment based on cooperation, respect, both on a relational and productive level, and on reliability and professionalism. This approach allows for the creation of the highest quality products, with an attractive design, excellent raw materials and with the utmost attention to environmental impact.

An added value of the company is to focus on the search for new technologies and innovation: in this way, the brands of the VRM group, RCM Automotive, Marzocchi and Metalplus, stand out for their continuous line or service growth, cutting-edge design and efficiency and guarantee of environmental reliability.

Code of etichs - innovation - VRM SPA

Innovation and manufacturing with zero environmental impact

In full awareness of the extreme importance that sustainable manufacturing and the respect for the environment has acquired today, VRM SPA has pursued, and continues to pursue, the goal of sustainability in manufacturing that leads it to distinguish itself as a leading company also regarding the environmental policy aspect.

Code of etichs - sustainability - VRM SPA

As evidence of this commitment, VRM SPA has obtained ISO 14001 certification which demonstrates how much the company has believed and invested in the implementation of measures that allow greater respect for the environment.

The use of materials from recycled sources and the adoption of procedures that are characterized by low impact, allow to produce in a responsible and sustainable way.

Employees come first: they are our engine

VRM pays particular attention to the selection and protection of our workforce. The numerous hires made in recent years are a tangible example of this, so much so that in 2019 there was a 97% increase in hiring of qualified and specialized personnel compared to 2018. The VRM group is also committed to the acquisition of leading Italian manufacturing companies in various sectors, allowing highest quality standard businesses to remain on the national territory.

Sustainable mobility - Florenzo Vanzetto - VRM SPA

The first company to join the group was the historic Marzocchi, a well-known brand in the motorcycle market, taken over in 2016 by the group from the American Tenneco.
This bailout allowed the brand to remain in Italy, as did the workforce.

This was followed by RCM Automotive, a company in crisis taken over by VRM which kept production in the Emilian Motor Valley and guaranteed jobs for the 84 employees.

To close this year, sealing the group’s entry into the fashion and luxury sector, the agreement with Metalplus, a leading Tuscan company in the manufacturing and treatment of metal accessories for top positioned fashion brands.

“The success of a company depends on the behavior and commitment of all the parties involved both in internal relations but above all towards what is external to the company but in some way connected to it: from suppliers, to customers up to to the very context in which the activity is inserted. The VRM group has always placed the safety of its employees at the center, adopting all the measures necessary for the correct performance of each person’s work, always favoring a dialogue between workers and the company. We can say that this is our real strength. ” Comments Florenzo Vanzetto, owner of the VRM SPA group.

“Another very important goal for the company is to be a global operator in the field of sustainability with particular responsibility towards the environment.
Right from the development and production stages, the company makes sure to handle natural resources carefully and adopts a constant reduction of the environmental impact in compliance with the laws and regulations on environmental protection “. Concludes Vanzetto.

Code of etichs - manufacturing - VRM SPA

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