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Cushioning systems, the Marzocchi challenge won

The VRM Group has brought the historic brand back to the top

It was 5 years ago when VRM SPA took up a challenge which led to surprising results in the cushioning system market, in Italy and abroad. Florenzo Vanzetto, VRM SPA Ceo, recently interviewed by Due Ruote, the main Italian motorcycle magazine, reports about the Marzocchi acquisition of 2015. Marzocchi Motor was and still is, a love mark, and the current re-launch by VRM is a winning shot.

VRM enabled Marzocchi not only to bridge the gap with the past by investing in technologies and innovation, but it has also been driven to become the brand in pole position among the manufacturers of high quality cushioning systems.

The glocal manufacturing is the emerging challenge

Cushioning systems - Florenzo Vanzetto - VRM SPA

In the Due Ruote interview, Vanzetto enters in the details of the VRM project: the Marzocchi integration within the group required highly talented and reinforced teams, straight access to the latest technologies and a clear plan of vertical and horizontal integration.

Needless to say that the VRM Group was, and already is, active in similar automotive market branches: synergies introduced in the last years enhanced both brands positioning within the motorcycle industry. The Marzocchi turnaround is included within the group’s abroad expansion plans: VRM has constituted, reports Vanzetto in the interview, a business in China with a local partner interested in improving product quality.

The strengths of VRM: latest technologies, talented people and successful integration

Asked by the Due Ruote interviewer, Vanzetto reports about VRM vision on the medium term: the advantages of a full independence on the one hand, and the single partner partnership development on the other. The scenery designed by Vanzetto outlines a picture where continuous investment in innovation and quality focus are driving and increasing success factors.

“Integrating Marzocchi within VRM revealed to be a positive choice – concluded Vanzetto – we can say it was a winning bet”.

Cushioning systems - VRM SPA

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