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Faw & Silk-EV a billion for the Emilian Motor Valley

The Chinese Faw and the American Silk EV confirm the italian investments

In the next few days, the news came that a large multinational has decided to invest in the automotive industry, on the Emilian companies specifically, for the production of electric cars: one billion euro ready to be invested in the Emilian Motor Valley.

The news had been announced in May.

Now, partnership is confirmed and the managers of the Chinese Faw and the American Silk EV have met the governor of Emilia-Romagna Stefano Bonaccini and the regional councilor Vincenzo Colla, signing an agreement to define all the points of this international collaboration.

The project plans to invest more than one billion euro in building structures dedicated to design, engineering and production of high-end plug-in hybrid and electric cars. All research and design activities will be based in the Emilian Motor Valley, home to prestigious car manufacturers such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Dallara, Pagani, Maserati

Faw & Silk-EV is an opportunity for innovation for Italian companies

FAW - Marcello Gambetta - VRM SPA

This excellent news obviously has received the consent of many entrepreneurs. Among these also VRM SPA both with its production line and with that of one of the group’s brands, RCM Automotive, which operates precisely in the automotive sector.

“This investors’ decision confirms the excellence of the automotive branch in the Emilia-Romagna industrial fabric and the ability of our companies to attract investments also from large international groups”.

Marcello Gambetta, Sales & Marketing Manager VRM SPA

The agreement details will be defined in the coming weeks, nevertheless seems certain that this project should also create thousands of jobs.
This is undoubtedly a development opportunity for Italian companies in the automotive industry.

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