Via dei Lombardi, 5
40069 Zola Predosa, BO
+39 051 6168711

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Marzocchi is an high technology company, leader in motorbike suspension manufacturing. It guarantees innovative products, thanks to the continuous research of new materials and the development of innovative hydraulic systems. Milestones Funded in 1949 in the...
Marzocchi Motor
Core Business VRM manages industrial metal components companies, sharing similar processes and attitudes: from the Bolognese Motor Valley to Florence Fashion District, enhancing open innovation patterns and high quality district vertical integrations. Milestones Founded in 2004 in...
VRM Manufacturing
RCM is a leading automotive and motorcycles powertrain components producer in the Motor Valley, with a 50 years long heritage. VRM took control of RCM in 2019, integrating competences know-how, industrial processes and innovation...
RCM Automotive
Metalplus is a leading metal components industry delivering first class fashion accessories. High integration within the Florence fashion district and constant innovation investment are at the core of Metalplus growth. Milestones Founded in 1970 in the...