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Luxury revenge post Covid

After Covid, the luxury brands had an excellent recovery

2.5 million in one day! This is what the citizens of Canton spent in the local Hermès boutique in the reopening after the lockdown imposed by Covid.

As reported in the article on We Wealth many brands such as Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton recorded a 50% increase in sales in the Country in the first two weeks of April.

Luxury fashion shopping, a way to return to normal

A dizzying figure, for many a sort of liberating shopping after the closure dictated by the emergency.

People, especially those who have purchasing power, can no longer limit themselves to so-called basic necessities, but want to spend to see their wishes fulfilled.

While many braches are in crisis or even collapsing, the luxury fashion seems to have instead geared up a gear to regain market share.

In fact, as written in the IlSole24Ore article, access to the boutiques did not increase when the amount spent on each purchase.

Italian fashion engages in online shopping

This trend at the moment seems to affect only the Asian points of sale, especially those in China, while in Italy attempts are made to start again by adopting new security measures and new sales standards.

The most up-to-date shopping methods remain the online, as well as the great fashion events, such as the Milan Fashion Week scheduled for July, which will be held through webinars and exclusively virtual fashion shows.

Luxury revenge, brands restart - VRM SPA

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