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Marzocchi in the VRM parterre

VRM SPA let Marzocchi returns to being Italian

Another Made in Italy traditional brand returns to Italian hands. The American multinational Tenneco has sold the Marzocchi company to VRM SPA, allowing a brand rooted in the Emilia Motor Valley history a re-launch which seemed impossible until a year ago. But there is more: the production plant will remain in Bologna and also the employees will be kept.

VRM SPA, born in 2004, quickly established itself in the automotive landscape. “For once it’s an Italian company that buys from an American multinational! This is a strategic acquisition – says the president of VRM, Florenzo Vanzetto – not only for the Marzocchi brand importance, but also for our range of products completion and diversification. It is an ambitious challenge. But we believe in the Italian product  high appreciation, even if the main competitors are today large multinationals, producing in low-cost countries. Now I rely on our main customers’ VRM support after this market operation”.

Marzocchi, a future innovation and research based

The bet is now played on quality, innovation, research and development as a positioning strategy on a global market, where competition is increasingly price based. The change of hand also regards Marzocchi workforce, about seventy workers who will be hired by VRM, where all production activities will be transferred.

Thus ends a long phase of uncertainty about the fate of a company, Marzocchi, specialized in the production of forks and shock absorbers for motorcycles, which for over 60 years has worked with top brands such as Piaggio, BMW, Harley Davidson, Ducati.

VRM SPA can count on a production area of ​​20 thousand square meters, between the Zola Predosa and Ubersetto plants, in the province of Modena. Among the main customers, Ferrari, Ducati, MV Agusta, BMW, Ghial, Rossi.

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