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Metalplus: VRM on the red carpet business

VRM SPA acquires Metalplus and Top Finish 2002

After the acquisition of Marzocchi Motor from the American Tenneco in 2015 and of RCM from Fonderie Officine Meccaniche Tacconi in 2019, VRM SPA, through the subsidiary Luxury Metal Finish, acquires now the majority of Metalplus, headquartered in the Florence Fashion District, through the parent company Top Finish 2002, active in the production and the supply of metal fitting for highest range of fashion industry.

With this operation, settled last Wednesday 19th February, VRM aims at opening its offer for the supply of metal fitting at the main maison of fashion, enlarging the metal components offer and looking to future opportunities in the top quality metal components industry, matching the different experiences gained in many years of continuous innovation in the respective areas.

This prestigious acquisition for VRM SPA is another step in the strategy of development and diversification of our business

Florenzo Vanzetto, AD of VRM SPA

A collaboration that aim to luxury market

Metalplus and its societies will be directed from a board of directors composed by Florenzo Vanzetto (President and CEO), Roberto Crolli (vice-president and CEO) and Tiziano Pacetti (Administrator and CFO).

“The new dimension reached will allow at VRM SPA Group to consolidate an annual revenue of more than 140 millions Euro with 900 employees. The synergies between the two industrial realities, with the support of the production culture and logistic attitude from automotive world, and with the precision and top quality finishing from the fashion, create an industrial reality that can offer nonpareil levels of professionalism and reliability at their customers.”

“Metalplus entire organization and structure will continue to stay in the Florence Fashion District, in order to exploit all of the related advantages. VRM will contribute by adding business growth related competences alongside with existing staff.”

“Therefore VRM Group represents a new Italian reality present in different business sectors, all oriented to an international metal components broadcasting for premium customers with high quality and luxury products” said Florenzo Vanzetto, VRM CEO and founder of this new business model.

“From the business foundation, in 1970, and thanks to the continuous grow up that brought us in a consolidate position of leadership in the market with 60 million of revenue, Metalplus need today new levels of organization and professionalism: this partnership is the answer at this demand. Even if this market is object of interest from investment funds which focus is often oriented strictly to finance, it was my specific desire to find an evolved industrial partner with whom share the target of development for the future: sustainability, research on new materials, optimization of supply chain and the introduction of new industrial processes, already existing in automotive production chain tof VRM. These improvements will enable us to develop business within a continuous path of growth, and continue in line with our tradition with my son Fabio, already present in the organization since some years”, pronounce Roberto Crolli, CEO of Metalplus and Top Finish.

Development and innovation due to an enterprise district

“Also this trade originated from Tuscany’s tradition of “arts et métiers”, the standard of progress “small is fine” is outdated and it is becoming crucial working with enterprises network or integration forms that allow the company to keep its specific skills and independency, and take advantage from synergies development from other evolved sectors. We’ve been incubating this connection among metal components industries since about two years. Today this long process, that involved different advisors, is finished and I want to say thanks to: PWC for both financial and bookkeeping due diligence and its support in the design of industrial strategy, the lawyer office Gianni Origoni and Grippo Capelli & Partners, the lawyer Office Bonetti from Bologna for the contractual advisory and the Studio Bonacchi Dottori Commercialisti from Pistoia as financial advisor”.

“In the end I want to highlight the support that we received from three credit institution: Banco BPM, Unicredit and Deutsche Bank – that from beginning deemed in our industrial project and they contributed to the whole project finalization” concludes Vanzetto.

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