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RCM joins VRM SPA group

VRM SPA acquires RCM company

Today, RCM company, with a 50 years long history, becomes part of the VRM SPA group. The meeting took place at the Safeguard Table of the Metropolitan City of Bologna to discuss the situation of RCM Automotive, a prestigious company from Monteveglio/Valsamoggia, active in precision mechanical processing and in the assembly of components especially for the luxury automotive branch.

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The meeting was attended by the Metropolitan City, the Municipality of Valsamoggia, the Emilia-Romagna Region, the trade union representatives Fiom-Cgil, the bankruptcy trustee of RCM SPA and the legal representative of the NewCo RCM VRM SPA, Ing. Florenzo Vanzetto,  who won the RCM industrial complex. This concludes a path taken in June 2018.

A new purchase in the automotive branch

VRM SPA is a Bolognese Motor Valley holding company operating as metal components manufacturer in the automotive and fashion branchs. With the acquisition of RCM, VRM strengthen its position in the automotive supply chain by joining it with Marzocchi, the historic company from Zola Predosa, absorbed in 2015.

The agreement signed, during the held today meeting, provides the transition of all 84 workers from bankruptcy to NewCo RCM VRM pursuant to Article 47 of Law 428/90.

The Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan City and Delegated Counselor for Economic Development Fausto Tinti declares: “In the RCM affair, the importance of the institutional Table for the safeguarding of Production assets is confirmed, which in close collaboration with the Region has created the conditions, even in a very complex situation, of fully safeguarding employment and continuity of the production site. The contribution of the Court was important too and defined the conditions for the competitive procedure very quickly”.

RCM: a success for all parties

The Mayor of Valsamoggia, Daniele Ruscigno said: “I express great satisfaction with the resolution of the RCM affair, a conclusion that guarantees the maintenance of the workplaces and of the manufacturing site. I think it is very positive that this result was generated by the will of a leading company in the very same area, which intends to strengthen its position in the automotive supply chain”.

Regional Councilor for Productive Activities, Palma Costi declares: “We are satisfied with the agreement signed. The automotive branch is an important part of the Emilia-Romagna Region industrial production  and an agreement like this strengthens the local supply chain and its territorial dimension”.

The Curator Giacomo Barbieri declares: “I am very satisfied with this result, which rewards the efforts of the many people who believed in the possibility of relaunching a long tradition reality such as RCM“.

Eng. Florenzo Vanzetto (in the photo on the side) declares: “I thank all the parties who have worked and lavished in this whole process that has had really critical moments. Now it needs a significant investment plan and an integration process with VRM”.

Caterina Bilotti Fiom-CGIL said: “Territoriality maintained with full employment. I express maximum satisfaction for the safeguard of all 84 workplaces and we hope that important customers such as Ferrari, Ducati and Lamborghini will confirm their demand continuity”.

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