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Sustainable mobility in the Covid era

According to data from the 2nd Continetal Observatory, Italians choose sustainable mobility

Italians want sustainable mobility! This is what data from Continental’s 2nd Observatory on Mobility and Safety revealed. The mobility that is loudly required for post-Covid is centered on respect for the environment. The Italian behavior and choices has changed and continues to change by the current pandemic so much that one in two people today travel by car for fear of contagion (+ 22.5% compared to 2019).

The Continental Observatory, in collaboration with the Euromedia Research institute, recorded the experiences, perceptions and expectations of road users, reaching the conclusion that today, without a doubt, the car is the vehicle chosen by Italians that in this way they feel safer.

Sustainable mobility in the Covid era - VRM SPA
Data from Continental’s 2nd Observatory on Mobility and Safety

Thanks to the incentives, many are thinking about buying a less polluting vehicle

In the last period we have witnessed a widespread economic difficulty, but, in the automotive market, the presence of incentives encourages the purchase of vehicles with new technologies and a lower environmental impact. In this sense, 64.5% of citizens declare themselves interested in changing their car:

  • 78.7% would like safe and ecologically clean cars;
  • only 15.4% rely on electric scooters, single-wheelers or bicycles;
  • more than half of Italians (53%) say they pay attention to green issues as before the health emergency;
  • motorcyclists (64.8%) and young people 67.6% (age group 18-24) are the most sensitive to these issues.

The commitment of the VRM SPA Group for sustainable mobility on all fronts

Sustainable mobility - Florenzo Vanzetto - VRM SPA

“In this particular period, Italians feel even more the need for sustainable mobility that aims at the lowest possible impact on the environment both in the production phases and in the use of the finished product itself, so much so that 64.5% of citizens declares interested in changing his car. The VRM Group has also been operating in this way for some time, making important choices such as the study and development of electronic suspensions and traced analysis software” comments Florenzo Vanzetto, owner of the VRM SPA Group.

Last but not least, the recognition of the ISO 14001 certification just obtained for the production of components for the production of VRM components and for the historic Marzocchi brand regarding all mechanical processing, assembly and testing processes.

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