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Industrial district: beyond expectations planning

The Bolognese Motor Valley, close to Lamborghini, Ducati and Ferrari, set an outstanding base for a challenging growth.

Additionally, enabled VRM to create an industrial network, guaranteeing flexibility and responsiveness.

Open Innovation

Growth Modeling

After 11 years of internal growth, VRM evolved by acquisition of top quality metal components industries within automotive and fashion districts.
New paradigm is set: industrial adaptiveness is higher between companies sharing industrial innovation pattern and similar, but not same, technologic knowledge.


Obstacles into chances, limits into elegance: this is Italian thinking.


High level of competences and access to smartest solutions in short time.


Anticipating the future efficiently has become an internal standard.


Innovation and quality: the sustainability foundations of made in Italy.


VRM: Italian luxury manufacturing

Italianness and problem solving

Promptness in adapting to new challenges, entering new frameworks, combining new synergies. VRM counts on the cleverness of Italian talents.

Luxury and positioning

Avant-garde in style, pleasure of design, amaze eyes and mind to go beyond expectations. VRM’s success is in the details that make all the difference.

Manufacturing and value adding

Learn by osmosis, prepare to change quickly and innovate according to fluid models of parallel industries. VRM first produces solutions, then goods.


VRM is committed
to environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability, as well as social sustainability, are crucial for all companies connected in vertical districts.


Encourage integrity
and honesty

VRM Code of Ethics (CoE) safeguards ethical and legality principles and guarantees sustainability and environmental compatibility.


VRM main referents

Florenzo Vanzetto

Chief Executive Officer - VRM SPA

Florenzo Vanzetto
Vittorio Clò

Chief Operating Officer - VRM SPA

Vittorio Clò
Tiziano Pacetti

Chief Financial Officer - VRM SPA

Tiziano Pacetti
Marcello Gambetta

Sales & Marketing Manager - VRM SPA

Marcello Gambetta

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