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VRM SPA, production open in August

The Emilian Group has received the invitation from Confindustria and does not stop production.

A new challenge for the Italian economy, to minimize the August closures in order to try to return to normal as soon as possible. Even the VRM SPA Group, like many Italian companies, has accepted the invitation launched in June by Confindustria which asked for an extra effort to limit summer closures precisely to avoid new production blocks after the forced one due to the Covid emergency.

“VRM has reduced the holiday periods of most production departments to a minimum, to support the recovery of the automotive market and meet the demands of customers recovering from the lockdown lack of production” explained Marcello Gambetta Sales and Marketing Director of VRM SPA.

From Confindustria an effort to bring the Italian economy back to normal

Confindustria - production open in August - VRM SPA

The proposal to save time in terms of productivity had come just shortly after the reopening of the companies by the president of Confindustria Carlo Bonomi, supported by Maurizio Landini, general secretary of the CGIL. In the past week, the adhesions of various companies from the North and South have arrived, which in turn have underlined the importance of satisfying outstanding orders and also new requests.

“We fully understand the reasons of Confindustria and we are organizing ourselves accordingly to be able to return to normal as soon as possible after this difficult period for the whole economy” continues Gambetta.

Limited closures, companies, unions and employees say yes

The same Observatory of Confindustria Romagna has questioned the associates, and in Rimini the will emerged from 26% of the companies not to close in August by going on vacation: 33% of respondents said that the company will remain open, 27% confirmed a closure for a period shorter than their standard.

All the forces involved agree with this decision. The Unions we dealt with supported our decision and also the employees understood the situation” – concludes Gambetta.

Confindustria - production - VRM SPA

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