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VRM: “We aim to the future and innovation”

Mascagni Award, the AD of VRM Florenzo Vanzetto interviewed from “Il Resto del Carlino”

The reason why Florenzo Vanzetto in 2004, when he was a industrial manager with 25 years experience and decided to drop everything and become entrepreneur, remains still the same that every morning wakes him up to go at VRM SPA in Zola Pedrosa and is the same why he prefers to work with young people teams:

We create motorbike and car components. We contribute with our technology to the dream of beauty and speed. A world full of adrenaline and passion that talks of future.

Florenzo Vanzetto, AD of VRM SPA

The manager highlights the need to nurture young and professional talents

Everybody Said “Aim to the future” but what does it mean?

“For us, it has meant investing 35 million in: forefront technology and plants, in new kind of process and in research and development for our new products despite the darkest years of the crisis, with VRM first and after it, with Marzocchi“.

Marzocchi was property of Tenneco, an American group, and it was closed to the brink. You bought it in 2015, when the crisis went wild. Why?

“With VRM we work chiefly on drawing or in co-engineering, at that time we were ready to have our own line of products“.

It’s not all.

“There is the name: Marzocchi is a historical brand, winner of word championships, a proud brand of Made in Italy and of Bologna. I still believe in this value even if I shouldn’t”.

Why you shouldn’t?

“Because we fight with multinationals and with countries like China, Thailand and India. With all of them the challenge is price based. We should leave our country to be competitive… Do you know how many offers a company like ours receives?”


“Bring everything in Carinthia, in Slovenia… with red carpet: tax relief and incentives“.

Why shouldn’t it?

“For the very same reason we didn’t left Marzocchi. Because the Made in Italy still has value, and because we are the Motor Valley“.

When the economic crisis arrived, Motor Valley or not, you were a small company.

“And in particularity the producers of car and motorbike were inaccessible to us at that time. Our only hope to survive was to become original equipment suppliers. To obtain that we had to have technology and high numbers. So we invested everything possible in in technology and staff, with the start of continuous-cycle. Today we have a plus that isn’t small at all: now everybody run to invest. We’ve done this and we’re already one step ahead. But the first step to react to economic crisis was really, another”.

Which was the first step?

“It was the 2008, and we clearly understood that so small we couldn’t face the market. It was full of small companies all around. We should had to find a way to cooperate without leaving our independence and our brand. How could we do that? We asked to Confindustria and we evaluated the opportunities. There was one way never used: we created RaceBo, the first network of enterprises in Italy. We grow up all together: the revenue of the group today is 200 million of Euro with 1500 employed”.

Regarding the workers: do you find them?

“Yes but with lot of difficulties. The school-leavers in our city are few and they are well courted. But we have found a solution at this problem”.

How did you solve it?

“We made a deal with a Calabrian technical school. It isn’t a famous institute, but it trains smart, keen and clever guys. They arrive at work every morning full of motivation, desire to learn and improve themselves. Their desire to do is the energy of an enterprise like this one: they are the secret to look forward”.

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