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VRM SPA, certified sustainability

Zola Predosa’s Group has obtained ISO 14001 certification in the field of environmental sustainability

sustainability - Florenzo Vanzetto - VRM SPA

The VRM SPA Group has obtained ISO 14001 certification, a step forward in continuous research towards greater sustainability in production processes, fully respecting the environment and the workforce.

“Just in these days we have obtained ISO 14001 certification. For the Group this is a step forward towards increasingly sustainable production processes, with particular attention to both the environment and our workforce. The certification was issued for the production of components for VRM components manufacturing and for the historic Marzocchi brand as regards all mechanical machining, assembly and testing processesFlorenzo Vanzetto, owner of the VRM SPA Group, comments.

Our commitment to sustainability in both production and respect for the environment

The news that the Zola Predosa production site had entered the final phase to obtain environmental certification was communicated at the end of the summer. Sustainability is a topic that is very close to the heart of the VRM Group, which over the years has changed its production processes in line with what is hoped for also at a European level “for a search for more efficient production processes and better environmental management systems“.

“The commitment to reducing the environmental impact is increasingly accentuated among companies. According to the latest Istat data, 7 out of 10 companies have improved and revised their production processes. The issue of sustainability grows constantly and leads manufacturing companies to seek new practices, potentially capable of combining growth and economic performance” concludes Vanzetto.

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