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VRM SPA, sustainability in the automotive industry

The VRM SPA production site in Zola Predosa towards ISO 14001 certification

VRM SPA confirms its commitment to sustainability in the automotive industry! Zola Predosa production site is in fact entering the final phase to obtain the ISO 14001 environmental certification.

In the wake of the most important car manufacturers and their suppliers, the Emilian company has also taken the road to certify its efforts and its desire to invest in increasingly innovative production projects but with particular attention to the environment.

Innovative but increasingly sustainable projects from projecting and manufaturing point of view

sustainability in automotive industry - VRM SPA

“The automotive market is increasingly called to meet certain requirements: customers require more and more performing and competitive models, considering environmental sustainability as an essential asset. – explains Marcello Gambetta, VRM SPA Sales and Marketing Director (in the picture).

“The commitment of the VRM SPA Group has always focused on the search for new projects and new production methods increasingly sustainable“.

But why sustainability in automotive industry is so important

The arrival of electric motors made sustainability the driving theme, for the present and future: Tesla has surpassed Toyota as the world’s largest car maker in market value, with $ 205 billion compared to $ 200 billion of the Japanese house, which is noteworthy considering that the Tesla business value, 220 times its effective earnings.

With increasing demand on the car market, the production of vehicles becomes increasingly competitive and complex. Added to this is the ever-increasing attention that we all, as consumers, place on the effects and environmental impact of our cars. Car manufacturers consequently need to produce cleaner and greener vehicles while safeguarding driving performance.

It is at this point that all the suppliers that are part of the automotive supply chain come into play, which must guarantee parts that meet increasingly demanding requirements in view of a more “clean” future disposal.

Over the past 10 years in Europe, car manufacturers have significantly reduced the environmental impact of production:

  • almost 16% reduction in energy consumption per car produced
  • reduction of the quantity of waste per machine produced by almost 14%
sustainability in automotive industry - VRM GROUP -VRM SPA

Design and production tools and technologies designed to reduce waste

The ISO 14001 certification sets the requirements for a more sustainable environmental management system and the benefits for a company are not to be underestimated:

  • it is a support in identifying the risks of impact on the environment;
  • improves the company’s image and credibility;
  • presupposes energy savings and better synergies in the supply chain;
  • can help guarantee savings on production costs.

“For years we have been applying design and production tools and technologies to reduce waste and allow maximum recyclability: the certification represents for the VRM SPA production site in Zola Predosa the seal of a philosophy that partners, customers and collaborators have known for a long time “concludes Gambetta.

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