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VRM SPA Group, a successful year!

Brand repositioning, digital transformation and new international markets acquisition for the VRM SPA Group

A year full of achievements for the VRM SPA Group! Despite a 2020 characterized by an emergency situation that has upset the way of living, buying, manufacturing, enjoying and communicating, the well-known company from Zola Predosa has managed to keep on top of the wave proceeding in implementing innovative projects in the field of manufacturing, supported by a new image relaunch on the market and a new way of communicating with customers, partners and suppliers.

New elegant and captivating brand, setting up of new digital assets, communication contents renewed in the tone of voice, social channels revisited in order to reach a selected audience and numerous other activities are the cornerstones of the ambitious strategic repositioning project, which has strengthened the presence of the VRM SPA Group within the top quality automotive and luxury components environment, in Italy and abroad.

Luxury brands - VRM SPA

Brand restyling and focus on corporate values

The first step in the process of relaunching the image of the VRM SPA Group was the brand restyle, drawing inspiration from the company core values such as innovation, district networking, Italian brilliance, flexibility and sustainability.

VRM - logo animation

The logo, re-proposed in a more immediate, dynamic and modular version, emphasizes the company values that emerge from the new website site, where strong lines and black and white colors were chosen, not simply in line with the Dark Mode trend, but stating the current positioning of Italian luxury manufacturing industry, within automotive and fashion metal components market.

The web functionality part was built in such a way as to place the user at the center of the digital experience, increasing their involvement and interactivity. The design is elegant, captivating, energetic: all that is VRM SPA!

Confidentiality is a guarantee, not a limitation for corporate communication

The privacy necessary on the manufacturing for the brands of the VRM SPA Group does not limit the ability to communicate and create new synergies. VRM SPA has in fact been able to create great interest, reaching its public in digital mode, reviewing, with a view to limiting contacts due to the epidemic, a new strategy and dedicated channels.

In just one year has achieved a fundamental positioning on Google both for authority and influence, presiding over all the first pages of search engines. The work done, coordinated communication on social networks, revised and in line with the new image, sharing of interesting news from the automotive and fashion world to end with an intense editorial activity with original contents, draw VRM SPA Group the attention of the market and made public the crucial role of communicating vision, values, and the ability to leverage technologies, reflecting the very same approach of the group innovative manufacturing strategies.

The important role of social networks, a real sharing tool

In the last year, Social Media have brought qualified and profiled traffic to the VRM SPA Group site, gathering the attention of companies operating in the automotive and fashion markets. The communication opportunities and the profiling of a specific target have made it possible to reach relevant numbers, some examples:

  • success for the video format in supporting positioning on search engines;
  • 22,000 searches in the last quarter from the Google MyBusiness channel;
  • a unique style choice to reposition the brand on Facebook allowed 18% engagement rate (3 times higher than the B2B market average);
  • a profiled activity and personal connections on LinkedIn with a focus on the “Investor” and “Engineering” segments resulted in new partnerships.

Digital channels became properly a vibrating echo chamber for the company manufacturing approach and vision, which is something all of the stakeholders, from clients to our workers, are really proud of.

VRM does not stop there, here are the goals for 2021

“This year we have worked a lot on the image of VRM to make known the fields of interest of our group at national and international level. We have given space and visibility to our brands Marzocchi, RCM Automotive and to Metalplus, acquired during 2020, with which we have also entered the Fashion market.” explains Florenzo Vanzetto, owner of the VRM SPA Group.

Florenzo Vanzetto - VRM SPA

It was a special year, also in the face of the situation created by the pandemic and for this reason we have doubled our efforts on several fronts to always stay on top:

  • we have obtained a new certification, ISO 14001 for environment respect and sustainability;
  • we have expanded and renovated our production sites by carrying out in-depth research on innovative production techniques;
  • we have renewed the website, social channels and communication to give a correct perception of our attitude.

“We are constantly looking towards the future, towards new markets and towards new objectives, and we also are proud of a perfect harmony and synchrony with all the parties involved, which I’d like to congratulate, from employees, suppliers to customers and partners. They also brought us here, and we’re proud to show that we’re constantly creating new value with this energy and enthusiasm also in 2021”. Vanzetto concludes.

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